AI can't solve poor interviews. Humans can.

Our 300 pages of research led us to a solution. Improve fairness, candidate experience, quality of hire, and time to hire, with our structured platform and on-demand training.

Extraview Interview Interface

Improve interview fairness

Eight hours of on-demand training linking our research and the science to a new equitable interview method. The result is better, fairer interviewers.

Improve candidate experience

Candidates only have one story that competency interviews fail to capture. Capture more insights using questions that help candidates recall more of their story.

Improve quality of hire

Consistently good quality of hire requires a consistently equitable structured interview process. Greater process leads to greater quality of hire.

Improve time to hire

Extraview reduces the interview process from weeks to days. After the recorded interview, all other assessors, called extraviewers, use the software to grade the candidates.

Based on 300 pages of research

Eight years, 1727 leadership interviews, and 100 referenced scientific papers went into “The CEO’s Greatest Asset,” written by our founder, Fraser Hill. It proposes a new method to replace bias-laden competency interviews.

For Corporates

Manage all of your experienced hire interviewing from one platform. Build customized interview processes. Train all hiring managers to conduct interviews the equitable way.

For Recruiting Firms

Custom build your unique interview platform and train all of your team in this deep science based interview method. Present your clients data they’ve never seen before.


We focus on leadership and talent transformation with insightful research into organizational effectiveness.

DE&I Process Audits to Accelerate Change – New Research

Based on 300 pages of new research, this article outlines one of the many reasons why DE&I efforts are failing and what to do about it. In particular, it explores the failings of processes relating to hiring and succession planning as well as proposing new solutions.

Psychometric Tests – Pinning The Donkey On The Tail

Companies continue to believe there’s some magical way to peek beyond the curtains of one’s psyche to discover traits that will provide infinite wisdom to the decision makers in leadership hiring. If only it were that simple.

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