We make humans better interviewers

Decades-old interview processes helped cause our diversity issues. They never evolved; until now, with our proprietary research, methodology, and platform.

Extraview Interview Interface

We solved three problems AI can't fix

Problem 1 - The Interviewer

Over seven hours of on-demand online interviewer training links the science to an entirely new D&I focused leadership and interview framework and helps humans make more objective choices rather than just providing tools to mask their inherent biases.

Problem 2 - The Interview

Existing competency interviews are bias-laden and unfit for purpose. With Extraview, one trained interviewer gets deep into a candidate’s story. All other assessors, called “extraviewers,” play back the interviews and use the software to grade them.

Problem 3 - Time To Hire

Extraview reduces the multi-stage interview process from weeks to one or two days. After one or two detailed interviews, all other assessors log in and review and score the candidate’s one and only detailed life story.

Book image - The CEO's Greatest Asset

Methodology based on 260 pages of proprietary research

Eight years, 1727 leadership interviews, and 100 referenced books and scientific research papers went into “The CEO’s Greatest Asset,” written by our founder, Fraser Hill. It examines all the shortcomings of Fortune 500 interviewing and proposes an entirely new scientific method to replace outdated, biased interviewing and personality testing.

For Corporates

Manage all of your experienced hire interviewing from one platform. Build customized interview processes. Train all hiring managers to conduct interviews the right way.

For Recruiting Firms

Custom build your unique interview platform and train all of your team in this deep science based interview method. Present your clients data they’ve never seen before.


We focus on leadership and talent transformation with insightful research into organizational effectiveness.

The Unbiased History of Unconscious Bias

We have been led to believe that our unconscious biases are corrupt and cannot be changed. A whole training industry has been born out of this misled belief guided by misleading science without the complete scientific history being shared. Here we share the entire scientific history, which paints a much different story.

New Leadership Trait Research From 1700 Interviews

Fortune 500 companies often use thirty or more so-called traits to assess leaders. Are these really all traits, though? In order for us to have a fairer and more equitable leadership assessment, we need a simpler approach. This research with over 1700 leadership interviews, has the answers.

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