The problem with competency interviews

Asking a series of competency questions where the interviewer asks for an “example of a time when…….” allows the candidate to choose amazing examples from any time in their career. A competency interview just joins the dots from a highlight reel of good examples.

Distorted performance versus actual performance

chart showing why competency interviews are bad

The problem with personality tests

The Big Five personality traits are the most robust taxonomy of personality traits. Candidates can cheat in personality tests and not all jobs require the same mix and balance of  traits to succeed.

Big five personality traits
List of big five personality traits

The Solution

Our question methodology goes deep into the candidate’s story with built in fact checking that does not directly ask about competencies. Instead, the interviewer observes patterns of competencies within the stories hypothetically plotted in the diagrams below. Consequently we get deeper insights into the candidate’s background than with competency interviews.

High performance candidate

Chart with high performing leadership traits

Low performance candidate

Chart with low performing leadership traits

The Science

We developed the Bremnus Leadership Model containing four success factors and twelve traits. These all all link back to the well researched “Big Five” personality trait model which means both competencies and personality traits are all assessed simultaneously.

Leadership success factors and big five personality traits
Leadership success factors and big five personality traits

The Research

8 years, 1727 leadership interviews, and over 100 referenced books and scientific research papers went into this 300-page book, The CEO’s Greatest Asset. Written by our founder, Fraser Hill, it examines in detail all of the science that led to this new interview method.

Book image - The CEO's Greatest Asset

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