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Ideas come from thin air, not the leadership team. Breathe the air. Share your ideas.


Practice being present, kind, and honest simultaneously.


Think things through. Simply your thoughts. Communicate with precision.

Fraser Hill

Our founder, Fraser Hill, spent over twenty years working all over the world in executive search and leadership advisory. In 2012 he embarked on an eight-year research project that included over 1700 executive leader interviews. This led him to discover the Leadership Assessment Fallacy (LAF) – no matter what assessment methods were used, great candidates were still being hired.

The LAF is explored in a 300 page book he published in 2022:  The CEO’s Greatest Asset – The Art and Science of Landing Leaders. along with a breakdown of all the issues with competency behavioral interviews and psychometric tests. In this book, Fraser breaks down what we know about the last 100 years of behavioral science, everything that is completely wrong with leadership assessment, and proposes a new assessment methodology – the Bremnus Method.

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