One Platform. All Interviews. All ways.

Moving poor interview processes onto video or AI chatbots does not solve poor interview processes. Extraview is an integrated science based selection methodology and technology platform that also leads to better candidate choices, a better candidate experience, and faster time to hire.

Train all hiring managers the right way

Our proprietary interview method gets deeper candidate insights. Eight hours of on-demand training explores the science and process so all assessors can better understand how to interview.

Candidate success profile questions

Get specific about what you're looking for

Build a success profile of what you are looking for. This is not a job spec or a job ad. This document becomes the reference point to base all of the questions and assessment on.

Build and deploy your own custom processes

The platform is designed to be completely customizable, from the questions you ask to how the reporting is configured. Plug and play with our questions, or start from scratch.

dashboard for building candidate assessments
Automated interview scheduling interface

Manage all interviews via all channels

Whether interviewing face to face, over video-call, or on the phone, you can conduct all interviews and manage the process of organizing interviews all from this platform.

Ready to get started?

Check out our pricing page that has fully transparent pricing on it. No emails required.

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